Learn Tamil in 30 Days Through English

Learn Tamil in 30 Days Through English

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Publisher : Diamond Publication
ISBN : 812881186X
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Apr, 20 2018

Product Description

About the booklearn tamil in 30 days through english is a book that shows you just how wonderful learning a new language can be. A new language opens the doors to countless opportunities, as this book will demonstrate to you. It gives you a way through which you can learn a brand-new language. With the help of this book, you can learn tamil in just thirty days. The book introduces you to one of the most popular languages in southern india, which is tamil. It shows you how to learn the tamil alphabets after which you can gradually start making small conversations in tamil. As is the case with most indian languages, tamil has a syllabic script. This makes it very easy for people to spell and speak out words, once they learn the alphabet. The book provides you with a brief introduction of the script, vowels, consonants, words, word usage, sentence-construction and much more. It also includes sample sentences that are useful for communicating in typical situations. Its practical, straightforward and easy approach helps people pick up tamil within the timespan of forty days, just like the book says. The first edition of learn tamil in 30 days through english was published by diamond pocket books (p) ltd. , in the year 2006 and is available in paperback. Key features the book chooses to focus its attention on the colloquial use of tamil. It provides its readers with multiple examples that they can use, to better their language skills.