The Kaizen Pocket Handbook

The Kaizen Pocket Handbook

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Publisher : DW Publishing Co.
ISBN : 0974722162
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Apr, 19 2018

Product Description

The Kaizen Pocket Handbook provides a quick practical reference guide for Kaizen and Kaizen Events. The Kaizen portion of the pocket handbook contains basic information on the history, benefits, definition, and fundamental concepts of Kaizen. It identifies and defines the three types of improvement and explains their different roles in Kaizen. Other topics covered include: operating principles, teams, processes, records, the Deming Improvement Cycle, management/employee responsibilities, and program implementation. The Kaizen Event portion of the pocket handbook flow-charts and details both the eight steps management needs to take to prepare for a Kaizen Event and the eight steps required for a team to carry out a Kaizen Event. The preparation section contains tips on selecting subject areas, setting goals, choosing team members and leaders, and clearing the way for a successful event. The Event section tells how the team should proceed and has pointers on: analyzing problems, generating solutions, organizing corrective actions, measuring and presenting results. Paper Back - .125 x 3 ¾ x 5 5/16 - 41 Pages.